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The Golden Isles Blog

Welcome to the Golden Isles blog, where we post up general updates, press releases and news/travel magazine clippings.

Fall Food Festivals

Can't-Miss Fall Food Festivals

In the Golden Isles, we don’t just eat to live, we live to eat. Any true Southerner will wholeheartedly agree that food is more than just a meal; it’s a way of life. And with our prime location on the Georgia coast, many of our restaurants and festivals feature locally-caught and harvested ingredients that were in the ocean or garden just hours before finding its way onto your dinner plate.

Holiday Inn Resort Webcam

Golden Isles Adds New Webcam on Jekyll Island

Just in time for the exciting summer months, the Golden Isles is thrilled to announce a new webcam has been added to Viewers will now be able to enjoy a live feed of Jekyll Island, in addition to the existing feed of the St. Simons Island Pier Village.

East Beach

Ultimate Guide to Summer

School’s out, the weather is beautiful and the sweet sounds of summer fill the air. Summer is, without a doubt, the most popular season in the Golden Isles of Georgia. A pulsating, almost contagious spirit fills the air as families, couples and friends spend time in our great outdoors. The majestic marsh grasses are turning their vibrant green, the days are longer, and the sunrises and sunsets are more spectacular. Wait… is that even possible?

The Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island

The St. Simons Island Tree Spirit Legend

The Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island serve as a local attraction to the Golden Isles, and also seem to connect us to the rich history of our coastal area. These Tree Spirits have been skillfully carved into soulful faces emerging from the trees, depicting those of Native Americans and long haired sailors. The sad, sorrowful expressions reflect the grieving appearance of the trees themselves with the drooping branches and moss.

Southern Living South's Best Awards

Golden Isles Wins Big with Southern Living

Southern Living Magazine, a staple in most southern homes and revered almost as much as The Bible itself, recently released its inaugural list of the South’s Best awards. The list celebrates the spectacular sights, inspiring destinations, and cultural institutions that define the South in 2017. Southern Living surveyed more than 22,000 readers on the best-loved places in several categories, and it’s no surprise to us to see the Golden Isles recognized throughout the lists.

What's New in the Golden Isles

What's New in the Golden Isles this Spring

Now is a great time to discover the newest hotels and events found only in the Golden Isles. Maybe you’re a first-time visitor who is experiencing everything with new eyes, or perhaps you’re a tried-and-true visitor who knows the Golden Isles better than you know the back of your hand. Either way, we’d like to introduce you to some of our newest friends to join us on our beautiful stretch of the Georgia coast.

The Grey Owl Inn Opens on St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island Tree Spirits

St. Simons Island's Tree Spirits: A Treasure Hunt

Once upon a time (the early 1980s to be exact), a skilled craftsman named Keith Jennings set out on a mission to leave his mark on St. Simons Island. With woodworking tools in hand, Keith meticulously carved intricate faces into several centuries-old live oak trees along St. Simons Island. Think Grandmother Willow from Disney Classic “Pocahontas.”

Aptly named Tree Spirits, these faces are all unique and their stories are left to your interpretation.

Dogs on Beach

4 Pet Friendly Activities in the Golden Isles

When planning a trip to the Golden Isles, there is no reason why four-legged friends have to stay behind. With a variety of pet friendly accommodations available and an array of activities and attractions for pet owners and their pets to enjoy, the Golden Isles is an ideal destination spot for pet lovers and their pets.

St. Simons Island pier at dusk

HGTV Dream Home on St. Simons Island

2017 promises to bring great things to the Golden Isles! In case you haven’t heard already, our very own St. Simons Island was selected as the location for the HGTV Dream Home.

Heralded for its family-friendly atmosphere, laid-back attitude and never-ending possibilities, St. Simons Island quickly became the town of choice to host the 2017 Dream Home. 

horseback riding on the beach in the Golden Isles of Georgia

7 Things to Do in 2017 in the Golden Isles

Rethink your traditional New Year’s resolutions and add a couple unique must-do’s to your list. From treasure hunting to participating in a centuries-old tradition, there’s no shortage of things to do in 2017 in the Golden Isles.