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Welcome to the Golden Isles blog, where we post up general updates, press releases and news/travel magazine clippings.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Returning to Sea

A Morning of Sea Turtle Patrol

To most, a 5:00am wakeup call sounds less than appealing. But when you get to accompany Sea Island’s Naturalist Raleigh Nyenhuis on her morning patrol, you practically jump out of bed when your alarm goes off. To Raleigh, 5:00am is the new 8:00am. This is her fourth season patrolling, researching and protecting the sea turtles that nest on Sea Island.

St. Simons Island Pier

Smithsonian Magazine names St. Simons Island one of 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2015

When it comes to places to take a vacation, it’s easy to think of America’s big cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Miami. But America is filled with wonders that are less heralded but no less magnificent, from the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest to the moss-draped bayous of the South. Along the way, there are sparkling caves, thundering waterfalls, quirky festivals, historic buildings, inspiring art and world-class food – all packed into towns with a smaller population than many college campuses.

Summer Festivals

Summer Festivals in the Golden Isles

2015 is already off to a great start in the Golden Isles. We are welcoming several new hotels, shops and restaurants – all adding to the overall visitor experience. We are also excited for our lineup of exciting festivals for the summer season. Make plans to partake in the festivities this summer and you won’t be disappointed. Discover new events, eateries and shops, and you’ll fall in love with the Golden Isles all over again.

The Golden Isles

Discover the Award Winning Golden Isles

We would like to thank The Academy…

Visitors have been flocking to the Golden Isles since General James Oglethorpe brought the first settlers to St. Simons Island in 1736. For years, people have been mesmerized by the sweeping oak trees dripping with Spanish moss that form majestic tunnels with their sprawling branches. The combination of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean and the playful call of seagulls is spellbinding. The fresh seafood, friendly locals and mild weather keeps visitors coming back year after year.

Cassina Garden Club Slave Cabins

Historical Guide to the Golden Isles

Centuries of History in 72 Hours in the Golden Isles

With all of the rich history that is still alive in the Golden Isles today, it’s amazing that we found a way to fit it all into a weekend visit! Even if you are pinched on time, here’s the perfect way to experience every last bit of our history on a short trip, while still finding time to relax and enjoy the island atmosphere. After all, you’re on island time!

Cannon's Point

Coastal Georgia Historical Society Lecture Series, Part 1

It’s no secret that the Golden Isles is steeped in a rich history, including but not limited to, an ice age, Native Americans, military fanfare, plantations, millionaires, Presidents and more. 

Christ Church

Coastal Georgia Historical Society Lecture Series, Part 2

In the first part of this blog, we discussed the Golden Isles’ ecological characteristics, the colonial era, and the rise of agriculture and plantations. To recap: the lay of our land has intricately affected the way of life for residents since Native Americans once called the Golden Isles home.

Beach Fun in the Golden Isles

Spring into Fun in the Golden Isles

Any time is a good time to be in the Golden Isles, but spring is even a little more wonderful, in my opinion. In the cooler months, our vast marsh grass becomes dormant and turns a rich amber color; some say this is where the name “Golden Isles” comes from. As warmer weather begins to approach, the marsh grass springs back to life and returns to its vibrant green hues. The Golden Isles buzzes with activity and new life during the spring months, making it one of the most ideal times to visit.

Jekyll Island Convention Center - Exterior

Jekyll Island Convention Center Winning Praise

Having officially opened its doors one month ago, the long-awaited Jekyll Island Convention Center is already winning extreme praise from state leaders, meeting planners and tradeshow executives.

6 Sweet Southern Charms of St. Simons Island

6 Sweet Southern Charms of St. Simons Island

A sultry breeze ripples across golden marshes swaying them in a low-country welcome as we approach St. Simons Island. Leaving the hum of Route I-95 traffic behind, three scenic bridges wind us across rivers and creeks to the privileged shores of Georgia's Golden Isles. The barrier islands of Sea Island, Jekyll Island, St.