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Welcome to the Golden Isles blog, where we post up general updates, press releases and news/travel magazine clippings.

Guide to New Dining in the Golden Isles

Gather your friends and be sure to check out these recently opened restaurants and sweet shops in the Golden Isles. These new menus have been added to the variety of dining options in the Coastal Georgia area, offering mouthwatering cuisine and plenty of food to go around the table – The Half Shell, Basil Tai & Sushi, Olive Affairs, and Fuze Fresh Frozen Yogurt. Read the rundowns below to whet your appetite…


Explore the Unspoiled Nature of the Golden Isles

There is no better proof of the unspoiled natural beauty of the Golden Isles than the abundance and variety of wildlife found along this coastal low country. The diverse mix of vast marshland, winding rivers and miles of sun-drenched beaches lends itself to numerous activities for visitors to enjoy such as saltwater fishing, sailing, kayaking and birding. 

With warmer spring temperatures comes the perfect time to explore the unspoiled nature of the Golden Isles – here are a few ideas to consider as you plan your adventure.

Little St. Simons Island - Beach

Unspoiled Little St. Simons Island is a Wildlife Haven

By: Charles Seabrook, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Published: February 5, 2013

Little St. Simons Island (though not so little at 10,000 acres) lies only a 15-minute boat ride from its bigger, better-known sister, St. Simons Island. In terms of development, however, the two islands couldn’t be further apart.

Fort Frederica National Monument in the Golden Isles

Golden Isles African-American History

The African-American heritage of the Golden Isles and its influence is significant to the rich history and southern culture of our coastal communities. Many local historical landmarks and African-American descendants serve as representation of the vast history in the Golden Isles. The African-American heritage is also preserved through the music and songs which reflect the plight and history of the slaves cultivating crops leading up to and after the Revolutionary War.

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island

The Frugal Traveler: Jekyll Island Provides Affordable Opulence, Activities

By Myscha Theriault, McClatchy-Tribune News Service
Published: January 8, 2013

Travelers searching for a unique and affordable getaway will find lots to love on Georgia’s Jekyll Island. Accessible for $6 per vehicle with entertainment options suited to literally every budget, it is one of the most cost-friendly destinations in the country. While it’s certainly possible to spend big on sensational dinners and multiple spa treatments, truly affordable luxury is still available to those who know where to look.

The Cloiser at Sea Island

Sea Island Resort, Coastal Living Magazine Readers' Favorite Beach Hotel

By: Jacquelyne Froeber, Coastal Living Magazine
Published: February 2013 - Travel Issue

On the southeastern shores of Georgia, this five-star resort is as sweet as the tea you're likely to sip here. "It's old school, but it's not stuffy," says Peter Greenberg, who named the hotel as one of his all-time favorites. "It's like stepping into a difference world—you can get pretty much anything you want here; all you have to do is ask."

An avenue of oaks welcomes members and guests to the golf course at the Lodge

A New Capital for U.S. Golf (Pop. 13,000)

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. — The golfer Davis Love III is like the Spanish moss draped over the stately trees on the Avenue of Oaks. He has been hanging around this barrier island for so long that he has become part of the scenery, a low-maintenance presence invisible to the local residents.
Golf in Georgia's Golden Isles

Golf's Golden Isle Glow

Don’t look now, but there’s a collection of marshy, magical islands way down south that just might be America’s top breeding ground for PGA Tour pros and, by extension, one of the nation’s great under-the-radar golf destinations. OK, go ahead and look. Slow down, stop, take in the seabreeze and marvel at the happy riot of wildlife flying overhead and leaping from lagoon to pond, and do it all while teeing off, taking dead aim and putting out. Then be prepared to do it again and again, up to 11 rounds straight without playing the same hole.
Photo of St. Simon's Island, Georgia, by Evangelio Gonzalez

Where are the best fall beach escapes in the U.S.?

By: GREG MELVILLE (Outside Magazine) Autumn is my favorite time of the year to hit the beach. The weather is fantastic, crowds nonexistent, and—most importantly—the low-season prices are cheap. These seaside escapes combine great fall conditions with easy access to adventure, whether you like to fish, hike, bike, or paddle.
Autumn in the Golden Isles

Discover Autumn in the Golden Isles

The fall season is right around the corner and the perfect time to visit Georgia’s Golden Isles. The beautiful marshlands that surround our coast will begin to transform from the lush green visible during summer months to a golden color some say provided the isles of Southeast Georgia with their name, “The Golden Isles”. September is filled with food, art and music providing the perfect backdrop to celebrate the change of seasons.