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How Brunswick Named Its Streets

Brunswick itself is named for the German ancestral home of King George II, grantor of Georgia's original land charter. The city was laid out in 1771, and sought to honor the King and House of Hanover when it named its streets and squares. Surprisingly, and unlike most other cities in colonial America, the streets' names weren't changed after the Revolution.

Albany Street- for the Duke of Albany, brother of King George III.

Amherst Street- for Jeffrey Amherst, commander of all British troops during the Revolutionary War.

Dartmouth Street- for William, second Earl of Dartmouth, Secretary of State under George III.

Egmont Street- for Philip Percival, Lord Egmont, first President of the Board of Trustees of the Georgia colony.

George Street- for King George III.

Gloucester Street- for the Duke of Gloucester, brother of George III.

Halifax Square- for the second Earl of Halifax. Halifax, Nova Scotia was named for him as well.

Hanover Square- for the ruling house of Britain.

Hillsborough Square- for the Earl of Hillsborough, who was Secretary of State for the colonies at the time of Brunswick's founding.

London Street- for homesick Englishmen.

Newcastle Street- for the Duke of Newcastle, later Prime Minister of England.

Prince Street- for the Prince of Wales, eldest son of George III.

Reynolds Street- for John Reynolds, first Royal Governor of Georgia.

Union Street- not in homage to the north, but rather to commemorate the union of Scotland and England.