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St. Simons Island

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The largest barrier island in the Golden Isles, St. Simons Island lies across the immortalized Marshes of Glynn, made famous by poet Sidney Lanier. Moss-draped oaks line the winding island streets, creating a picture-perfect image worthy of a Faulkner tale.

The island’s villages offer a charming and unique selection of shops, plus a variety of hotels and lodging options to fit your needs. View current specials and packages before booking your St. Simons Island getaway.

St. Simons Island History

St. Simons Island is dotted with exceptional historic sites and attractions, from the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum—a working lighthouse built in 1872—to the Bloody Marsh Battle Site, where, in July 1742, British and Scottish soldiers protecting colonial Georgia defeated a larger Spanish force in a battle that helped end Spanish incursions outside Florida. 

Fort Frederica National Monument, which preserves archeological remnants of the local British colony and its defense against Spain, and historic Christ Church, Frederica—one of the oldest churches in Georgia, with worship held continuously since 1736—are located on the island’s north end. History buff or not, you won't want to miss Christ Church's picturesque and somewhat haunting grounds.

Toward the southern tip, the Maritime Center located in the restored U.S. Coast Guard Station provides fascinating glimpses of the area’s natural evolution, while highlighting some of its maritime and military history.

Learn more about St. Simons Island's rich history.

Things to Do on St. Simons Island

Year-round warm weather in the Golden Isles allows visitors to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, biking the St. Simons Island Trail System, horseback ridinggolfing, or relaxing with your toes in the sand on East Beach. Visitors can tour the island’s historic sites on a variety of transportation options, including the island's ever-popular guided trolley tours through the island.

Looking for a day out with the whole family? Visitors and residents alike enjoy cooling down and engaging in a little outdoor recreation at Neptune Park and its Fun Zone water park, which includes a public pool, miniature golf and a fishing pier. Or take the whole family on a treasure hunt to search for the famous St. Simons Island tree spirits!

Grab a Golden Isles Visitors Guide or check out our St. Simons Island map and tour on your own by car, or rent a bike and cruise the island’s extensive bike paths. If you want to sit back and enjoy a more guided experience—try one of our tours.

With so many things to do on St. Simons Island, it could be difficult figuring out where to start. We've gathered our top five favorite things to do on St. Simons Island to help you plan your perfect escape.

Dining & Restaurants on St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island offers a variety of dining options from fine dining to casual outdoor fare. Some of our favorite things to eat on St. Simons Island? Catch 228's fresh oyster bar, pretty much anything from the inspiring and ever-changing menu at Delaney's Bistro, crunchy seafood mac and cheese from ECHO (complete with an oceanfront seat on the patio with sweeping views), an Italian appetizer and some craft beverages from Ember, or some incredible small plates or the freshest fish from Halyards

No matter what type of food you are looking for, St. Simons Island has a restaurant for it! Find your favorite restaurant on St. Simons Island.


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