Golden Isles

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Climate & Dress

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The Golden Isles enjoys a climate typical of a semi-tropical location. Summers are long and warm, with daytime temperatures in the 80s and 90s and nights in the 70s. Coastal breezes, however, normally preclude extreme heat.  Winters are short and mild, generally from early December through early February with daytime highs in the 50s.

The average relative humidity ranges from 87-93% in early morning and 59-69% in the afternoon. Rainfall in the area is ample, with an annual average of 54.7 inches. Snow is extremely rare. View the current weather on St. Simons Island through our live webcam.

Average Temperature & Rainfall

 Average Maximum Average Minimum Water Temp Average Rainfall
January62 F14 C 43 F6 C 49 F 2.77"
February64 F15 C 45 F7 C 52 F 3.13"
March69 F15 C 50 F10 C 60F 4.06"
April76 F25 C 58 F13 C 66 F 2.99"
May83 F28 C 66 F20 C 74 F 3.97"
June88 F31 C 72 F23 C 77 F 5.82"
July89 F31 C 74 F24 C 79 F 7.62"
August89 F31 C 74 F24 C 82 F 7.18"
September85 F27 C 71 F21 C 74 F 8.43"
October77 F26 C 61 F14 C 68 F 3.97"
November70 F21 C 51 F11 C 63 F 1.87"
December62 F14 C 43 F6 C 50 F 1.87"

What to Pack & Wear

The moderate year-round climate allows for very few hot or extremely cold days. Lighter fabric weights are in order from mid-March until November, and mid-weight clothes, jackets and sweaters from November through February. Even in summer, most women wear a shawl or light sweater for cool evenings and air conditioned restaurants. Some dining establishments require jackets for the men. A raincoat can come in handy during any season.