A Sequential Arts Exhibition

  • October 16, 2018 - October 28, 2018
  • Recurring daily
  • Glynn Visual Arts
  • 106 Island Drive, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

Glynn Visual Arts (GVA) is proud to present an exhibition curated and featuring art by the founder of the Sequential Arts Program at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and Sequential Arts Professor, Bob Pendarvis, along with a diverse selection of his artist friends and former students working in the sequential arts genre.

Comics have been around for about 100 years. The term "sequential art" was coined in 1985 by comics artist Will Eisner in his book Comics and Sequential Art. Eisner analyzed this form and broke it down into four elements: design, drawing, caricature, and writing. Content is presented in a series of artistic items/drawings, positioned in a specific order to convey its message or tell a story. It is essentially visual storytelling through a series of frames or vignettes. A quickly evolving and relatively new genre, sequential arts today includes a variety of mediums such as comics, animation, gaming, picture books, graphic novels, fantasy illustration, amine, cartooning and more. The artists included in this exhibition have successfully harnessed the power of narrative storytelling and are renowned in their respective fields.

"This is a totally new and exciting genre of art for Glynn Visual Arts to exhibit.", said Susan Ryles, Executive Director of GVA.

'We are thrilled to bring this level of high-quality work by renowned artists in a unique field of art to the community.", Elizabeth LeSueur, Co-Chair of GVA's Exhibition Committee. "This will be a fascinating and stimulating exhibit. We are delighted to offer it at GVA." Cindi Rawlins, Co-Chair of the Exhibitions Committee continued.

The opening reception for the exhibition will be Thursday, October 18th from 5:30 – 7:00pm at Glynn Visual Arts. GVA will also host a free presentation about sequential arts on Thursday, December 6th in which the show's curator, Professor Bob Pendarvis will discuss this fascinating art genre.
The artists included in this exhibit are:

1. Tom Biondolillo (Comic artist, illustrator, writer and college professor who teaches sequential art, illustration, animation, game art, graphic novels)
2. Robert Atkins (Comic Book artist)
3. Scott Fischer (Fantasy illustrator and a recent guest of honor at Dragon Con)
4. Daria Theodora (Fantasy Illustrator)
5. Michael Stribling (Leapfrog Gaming Art Director and comics covers illustrator)
6. Yvette Strickland (Fantasy and Sci-Fi illustrator)
7. Heidi Arnhold (Tokyopop and First Second graphic novel illustrator)
8. Sarah Myer (First Second graphic novelist, script and art)
9. Ty Romsa (Konami Gaming Illustrator)
10. Gally Articola (Marvel Comics Art Refurbisher, Fantasy Illustrator)
11. Laurel Shelley-Reuss (Olive Peril graphic novel illustrator, gaming illustrator)
12. Sophie Campbell (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, JEM)
13. Phil Craven (DreamWorks animation artist)
14. Andrew Robinson (The Fifth Beatle artist)
15. Bob Pendarvis (Exhibition Curator - comic artist, illustrator, graphic novels. Guest presenter at Dragon Con. Founder of sequential arts program at Savannah College of Art & Design-SCAD)