Artists' Annex Workshop: Ann Larsen Studio & Plein Air

  • Artists Annex
  • 2/16/2023, 2/17/2023, 2/18/2023
  • Artists Annex
  • 100 Sylvan Drive Suite 170, St. Simons Island, GA 31522
  • Beginners & Advanced Welcome Fee $550


Studio & 1-day Plein Air, weather permitting

Remember the paintings you love when you visit museums or art exhibitions? Did they draw you in and make you feel an emotional connection? I like to call that the WOW factor!
This workshop is designed for students wishing to move their work in that direction. You will practice loosening your style and capturing light, color and that emotional moment. Emphasis will be placed on concept, design/ composition, value, color, brushwork and edges to create harmonious paintings. Large abstract mass simplification and value to begin a painting will be stressed. Seeing color and the temperature of light, as it affects the scene and then mixing the right color and value to convey that. Paint application and brushwork will follow. Finally, we will cover pulling all these elements together to make an emotional statement about your subject. We as artists are creating a work of art rather than just rending what is in front of us. Seeing like an artist is what it is all about!

This 3 day workshop will involve exercises, lectures, demos and discussion around what each student hopes to achieve and how to get there. Historical and modern references will be explored.

This will be a studio workshop with a landscape element and possibly still life. If weather permits we will do plein air at least one day.