Artists' Annex Workshop: Chris Groves Painting Abstract 6-part Series


"Painting the Abstract" ~ Reactions within Abstractions

This zoom workshop will be held every other week (dates above), and will include lectures, demos, living and deceased abstract artist reviews, assignments, and student critiques. Students can submit one painting each week to be critiqued and analyzed at the end of each session. Sessions will be recorded each week and can be viewed afterward in case one cannot attend a particular weeks session.

This zoom workshop is designed to push the “beginner to the advanced” painter in fostering their knowledge, technique, reaction-process, and analysis of abstraction. Whether you want to paint purely abstract or not, the foundation and structure to solid painting is based on simple elements and principles of abstraction. Learning these skills will be a vital part to “refining” as an artist. This workshop will address many topics: getting started, variety in mark making color theory, design, visual and physical reaction, personal process and individual taste, critiquing your own work, as well as finishing and presentation.