Artists' Annex Workshop: Gary Bodner Getting REAL Loose (2 days)


Getting REAL LooseThis workshop will focus on expressionistic painting and loosening up your style. You will be asked to bring four or five paintings that you are currently working on but have not completed. He will demonstrate on your canvases, with permission. Sizes may range from 40x40 to 8x10. Gary encourages big color, big strokes, big movement, play and a fun, learning environment. He describes his work as strong and colorful with an expressionistic style. He will encourage each student to think more creatively and with more expression.

Gary Bodner studied architecture at Miami University of Ohio before entering Chicago Medical School. He earned his medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine. Gary recently retired after 38 years and is now focused on his 15-year artistic craft with painting and travel. “The power of juxtaposing or placing one color on top of another to create an image is what drives my paintings,” he says. Primarily, Bodner considers himself a colorist and is constantly looking for the interplay of colors on his canvases. He has been inspired by works of Cezanne, Van Gogh and Philip Johnson, architect. His medium is ever involving and he is currently exploring the use of oil-based house paint. "The color combinations possible with the mixture of paints is something that really drives me.”