Culinary 101: Knife Skills Class and Roast Chicken Dinner

  • February 4, 2023
  • Schroeder's Market
  • 203 Gloucester Street, Saint Simons, GA 31520
  • 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • $85

Learn how to rock a knife with The Schroeder's Market Culinary Team:

We'll show you our line of Sanelli knives and suggest essential knives for a serious cook, and will have a classic Roast Chicken Dinner with Potatoes Gratin, Local Vegetables, a salad, a nice fruit tart, and some wines from Clint Kummer at Winebow.

Selecting and Properly Using Cutting Boards

Knife Care

Using the steel

Sharpening vs Honing

How to hone the edge of your knife

Using your knives: Mirepoix - carrot, celery, onion, Julienne onions, Chiffonade parsley, Paring Knife: Peel and supreme citrus, Tourné potato, Boning Knife: Break down chicken, Bread Knife: Slice a loaf of bread consistently, The Forever Peeler: Making a "ribbon salad"

*This is a demonstration class, and won't be hands-on. Come as you are, and be ready for some delicious food and learning.*