Evening Lime Rick Burn and Candle Light Tour


St. Simons Island, GA: Fort Frederica's bleaching ruins dot the landscape where a thriving town stood. A place that was home to roughly 1,000 people is now largely quiet. The site remains difficult to comprehend; its stories shrouded in a mysterious history.

The burning of a lime rick will be the backdrop for an evening of storytelling and history. A lime rick of stacked logs with racks of oyster shells will be fired. The heat of the fire breaks down the shell into lime. This source of lime allowed Frederica's settlers to build tabby homes that were so durable that ruins still remain. (Burning of the rick will depend on weather conditions)

Starting at 6:00 pm visitors should meet in the Visitor Center breezeway, where a short tabby making demonstration will take place, followed by the lighting of the lime rick and the candle light tour.

The candle lit tour features the stories of settlers and soldiers. Soldiers from the 42nd Regiment of Foot will demonstrate their military skills. Musket and cannon firings will highlight the stories of the fight for British rights to Georgia – and the colony's survival.

Frederica's townspeople will be featured. Visitors can meet the citizens on the original lots where they lived and plied their trades. Visitors will glimpse the struggles that the settlers had to overcome.

Entrance for the event is free. Please meet the guide in the breezeway of Fort Frederica's Visitor Center before 6:00pm when the program starts. For further information, please contact the park visitor center at 912-638-3639.