Light and Dark


A classical music concert of creative, compelling music featuring joy and sadness, freedom and cruelty, and the powerful Brahms Symphony No. 4. For tickets: visit our website at: or call (912) 634-2006.

Our final season concert of creative, compelling music begins with D’un matin de printemps, an evocative 20th century piece written with a fresh, joyful character. Unlike many of Lili Boulanger’s other works, there is a certain frivolity to this music; but there is also a slightly darker middle section. The constant time and mood changes will keep us engaged. An extremely quiet, ethereal note opens Pēteris Vasks’ concerto, drawing us into his deeply spiritual music. Vasks grew up in Latvia, a country torn by violence and cruelty under Joseph Stalin. His exhilarating score gives rise to a sense of freedom and subtle protest. Vasks’ music gives voice to the Latvian people, and he is considered one of the most famous composers from the Baltic states. The powerful Brahms Symphony No. 4 closes out our 39th Season with its complex mix of musical interrelations. Each melody evolves seamlessly from a hauntingly beautiful theme that weaves its way through fanfares, horn calls, searching melodies in the strings, and thundering timpani. Some critics believe it to be Brahms’ greatest masterpiece. The Season Finale will leave us wanting more!