Mindfulness Retreat 2020


Mindfulness Retreat on beautiful Jekyll Island, GA

Relax, heal and energize your life exploring Tai Chi as a meditative, mindful practice.


Mindfulness has been shown to improve people’s resilience to life’s stressors, improve overall quality of life, and deepen existing meditation practices. Pair that with a beautiful island off the coast of Georgia and you’ve got a retreat worth waiting for. Even better, add the small groups, relaxed atmosphere and the freedom to participate (or not) in a variety of sessions for optimal health.

Explore Tai Chi in a relaxed and free environment – pick and choose options – and feel free to change your mind!



This Jekyll Island retreat offers personal serenity and discovery over four wonderful days, January 26-29, 2020. Deepen your personal growth.

Expand your knowledge. Learn to live with the universal principles.



This annual event is for anyone who wants to learn, share or have alone time in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Learn to slow down and harmonize your body, mind and spirit through mindful practices and movements. Personalize the retreat for your own needs and desires.


This ‘Living with the Principles’ Retreat is open to all. Session Leaders come from a variety of background and races, eager to learn alongside all who seek a deeper experience of life. Learning takes place not just in the classroom but on the beach, on nature trails and in personal encounters.



With its covering of live oaks, living waterways and driftwood skeletons, Jekyll Island offers food for the senses and the soul. The updated promenade at the ocean offers relaxed and enriching pathways to experience the serenity you seek, not just from, but within daily life. Island guides and maps are provided to easily facilitate your explorations. A harbor marina provides color and access to the ocean while local wildlife is rich and varied.




This stress-free retreat offers people from all walks of life to explore topics like health and wellness, stress reduction, longevity, spirituality, moving meditation, and introduction to—and depth of—Tai Chi/Qigong.


Neither a workshop nor a boot camp, this retreat is an opportunity to leave the stresses of your real world and surround yourself with others on the same learning journey. Sea, sky, and forests will draw you in to practice what session leaders open you up to. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas, to share experiences and knowledge, to learn about mindful practices such as tai chi and qigong—or reflect on their depth, to smile, to laugh, to drum, and more.