Motte Thomas Exhibit


Glynn Visual Arts is proud to present Wax Poetic, an exhibition of encaustic works by Motte Thomas. A culmination of five years of the artist's work, this will be first time this collection has been shown on the east coast. The work reveals natural and botanical shapes using colors and forms that are at the same time reminiscent of and incongruent with nature. Thomas uses a pointillist style and layering technique in his work which begs to be viewed both up close and at a distance. Multiple layers of gently woven strokes are built upon each other using properties such as color, texture and material composition to envelope and draw in the viewer. The translucent colors and deep textures construct the familiar organic shapes often observed in nature. The flowing lines, shapes and swirls are built up into three-dimensional forms creating a stunning visual poetry. Thomas creates a dream-like lyricism and surreal quality which belies the subconscious reflection in these other worldly, yet grounded works. His works have been exhibited in Colorado, Houston, TX, Santé Fe, NM, Atlanta and Brunswick, GA. All works are for sale through Glynn Visual Arts.

Exhibition Dates: September 11th – October 12th, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 13, 2018