The Literary Guild Present St. Simons, Surviving Success


The Literary Guild of St. Simons Island Film Series presents St. Simons: Surviving Success, a short documentary made by George Crain and Lance Lipman, who hope the film will inspire and challenge viewers to become more involved in preserving the island’s charm and character.  Following the documentary will be a brief presentation and Q/A session.  After the Q/A session, the film Christmas on the Coast, USA, 2017, directed by Gary Wheeler will be shown.  A light film to finish the year, it is about a hard-hearted New York novelist who is desperate to get her mojo back after a string of flops. She decides that a change of scenery might get her creative juices flowing and heads south to a place known as Harbor Pointe.  This movie was beautifully filmed on St. Simons Island in locations like the beach, Sal’s Pizzeria and the GJFord Bookshop (and you will recognize scenes from Darien, too).