Two On the Aisle, Three in a Van

  • 3/7/2020, 3/8/2020, 3/13/2020, 3/14/2020, 3/15/2020, 3/20/2020, 3/21/2020, 3/22/2020
  • The Island Players
  • 530 Beachview Drive, St. Simons Island, GA 31522
  • Saturday & Sunday - 7:30 PM, Sunday - 3:00 PM

"Two On The Aisle, Three In A Van" is a comedy where the point of view comes from the unsung heroes who call the shows, man the spotlights, sew the costumes, count the tickets and suffer through every flubbed line, forgotten prop and missed cue.

Due to the lack of wing space, the company spends their downtime in the parking lot around an aging hippie/now turned techie's van.

Egos and obstacles fall into the lap of MIke, the nice guy director, who ends up with more than he bargained for.

Anyone who has evet seen a show or has done a show may know these people. In the end, "Two On The Aisle, Three In a Van" continues to prove the old addaghe that some way, somehow, the show must go on. And it does...just not always as planned.