The Coastal Georgia Greenway


The Coastal Georgia Greenway, multi-purpose trail will be constructed within the U.S. 17 right-of-way in Glynn County. Entering from the south at the Camden County line at trail mile 41, the trail route extends 25+ miles north to Darien. The trail links to the planned Jekyll Causeway Trail and the 20+ miles of existing trails on Jekyll Island; in the City of Brunswick, the trail links to the GDNR nature trail, existing Marshes of Glynn and Howard Coffin Parks and the planned Liberty Ship Park before linking to the Torras Causeway Trail and the 20+ miles of trails on St. Simons Island!

Definitely a place to be if you want to ride bikes!

Further north on U.S. Hwy 17, the planned trail will link the Hofyll-Broadfield State Historic Site to the City of Darien Trails.

Between the Sapelo Island Ferry and Visitor Center, in McIntosh County and Jekyll Island, the 36 mile route will be known as the Island Hopper Trail (see map attached below) since it will connect Sapelo (via ferry) St. Simons and Jekyll Islands.

Please bring your bike when you visit!

Existing Trails:
20+ miles of trail on Jekyll Island (Jekyll Island Trail System)
20+ miles of trail on St. Simons Island (St. Simons Island Trail System)
1-mile Sidney Lanier Bridge Trail
4.2-mile Torras Causeway Trail

Soon to be constructed Trails:
6-mile Jekyll Causeway Trail,
1-mile Marshes of Glynn Trail between the existing Torras Causeway Trail and planned Liberty Ship Trail
2.2-mile Liberty Ship Trail, north of the Sidney Lanier Bridge
6.2-mile new bike lanes on U.S. Hwy 17

For more information about the Coastal Georgia Greenway visit our website.

By: Jo Claire Hickson, Chair, Coastal Georgia Greenway, Inc.

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