Golden Isles

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Lore & Legends of the Golden Isles

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From the world’s tallest wooden structures that housed the Navy’s blimps to the Germans' coming ashore during the early days of World War II, so many of these stories capture the legends of the Golden Isles. Add an ill-fated lover atop a white horse, and one listens incredulously to the lore that surrounds the islands on moonlit nights when strange happenings are said to occur.

Entire books have been written on the area’s ghost stories and haunted streets, and tour guides tell other stories and give credence to many legends. In fact, most residents have their own tales and legends that, when prompted, they will gladly share. For these are the bits of history that are told and retold, often embroidered and remembered and passed down by each generation. Thus the lore and legends of a locale are part of local history that adds to a sense of place, the specialness of an area such as the Golden Isles of Georgia.

If you have information regarding our area's Lore and Legends, please contact us so that future literature on this subject may be more complete.

Driftwood Beach rock at sunset on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Why Are We Called The Golden Isles?

The Golden Isles is a place well named. A landscape and a legacy that is, in every way, golden. One needs only to witness a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean or bask in the beauty of the sun setting westward beyond the mainland to know the namesake of this stretch of Georgia’s coast.

A couple playing golf on Sea Island in 1935

History of Golf in the Golden Isles

Whether for competition or relaxation, Golden Isles golf is a distinguished tradition.  Many golfers are aware of the exceptional golf courses found on the Georgia coast but, some golfers might be surprised to learn that Golden Isles golf and its competitions have a long, celebrated tradition tha

Blimp hovers over landing pad in Brunswick, Georgia 1940's

Blimps Over Brunswick

Longtime residents of the Golden Isles clearly remember when huge helium airships, or blimps, were a common site in the skies above the coast. These graceful, lighter-than-air crafts first arrived in 1943, after Brunswick was selected by the U.S.

Nightfall at the haunting Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Ghosts of the Golden Isles

The Golden Isles is known for its cool weather, sunshine, wonderful activities and incredible festivals and events. But beware! There are ghosts and ghouls lurking around every corner.
Faith Chapel stained glass on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Historic Stained Glass

Gorgeous works of stained glass, in themes both sacred and historic, can be found throughout the Golden Isles.
Liberty Ship in Brunswick, Georgia 1940's

Liberty Ships

During World War II, Brunswick shipyards bustled with activity critical to America's war efforts. Between 1943 and 1945, the shipyard built 99 of these 447-foot cargo vessels.

Horton House on Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Enduring Story Of Tabby

Lumber from trees. Bricks from mud. Roofs of sod. Through the ages, settlers have used what the earth provides for building materials. Here in the coastal areas of Georgia and the southeast, nature provided early inhabitants with unique and remarkably strong building material.

Tree Spirits of St. Simons

The Tree Spirits Of St. Simons Island

Find the mystical and beautifully hand-carved tree spirits around St. Simons Island on a family-friendly treasure hunt! Learn more about the history and mythology of these unique carvings.

How Brunswick Named Its Streets

Brunswick itself is named for the German ancestral home of King George II, grantor of Georgia's original land charter. The city was laid out in 1771, and sought to honor the King and House of Hanover when it named its streets and squares.

The Land Of Five Flags

The flag of Spain was first raised over Georgia in 1526 when Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón arrived with 600 Spanish colonists to found the ill-fated settlement of San Miguel de Gualdape.

Books About Our Area

Here is a list of books about our area and also fictional books set in our area. Visit any of our local book stores to purchase some of the titles listed below.