History of Sea Island

In 1926, The Sea Island Company purchased an island abutting the Atlantic Ocean. Their decision to name it did not consider previous names: Fifth Creek Island, Isle of Palms, Long Island, and Glynn Isle. Instead, the island was dubbed Sea Island.

The building of a causeway in 1926, leading to St. Simons Island and in turn, Sea Island made possible the development of the island. Likewise, the right time and place saw the arrival of a wealthy northerner who wanted to develop a resort. With the incredible ability, Howard Coffin, as he had done in the manufacturing of cars by his Hudson Automobile Company, directed the building of the Cloister and surrounding buildings.

Designed by Addison Mizner, the hotel represented the popular Spanish Revival period. Opening in 1928 before the depression, thousands motored over from the mainland. Received with accolades, the new hotel was a favorite from its beginning.

Then, through the years, Coffin’s cousin Alfred Jones, his son Bill and grandson Bill III carried on the leadership of the legendary property and company. A 2001 expansion saw the erection of the Lodge on the Sea Island Golf Course. It quickly reaped the hotel industry’s top prizes, as have the golf pros that have represented the company.  In 2004, Sea Island was chosen to host the G8 Summit because of its remote, easily secured location, luxurious accommodations, service, and amenities. Golf on Sea Island has only grown with time.

The island residents and visitors have found the ambiance of the island such that they have returned often and many times purchased homes. Legendary oaks, planted when dignitaries visited, are a roll call of U.S Presidents and other notables. 

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