Golden Isles

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Why Are We Called The Golden Isles?

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The Golden Isles is a place well named. A landscape and a legacy that is, in every way, golden. One needs only to witness a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean or bask in the beauty of the sun setting westward beyond the mainland to know the namesake of this stretch of Georgia’s coast.

How did the Golden Isles get its name?

From a historical perspective, the easy answer lies in the fanciful dreams of the coast’s earliest explorers who traveled from afar and waded ashore in pursuit of glittering treasures and riches.  In fact, these lands came to be known in much of the world as the “Golden Islands.” In 1717, in his promising writings, Sir Robert Montgomery, a Scottish nobleman seeking to draw the support of wealthy Londoners in establishing a coastal colony in this area, gave our coast the “well deserved denomination of the Golden Islands.”

It remained for General James Oglethorpe (less than ten years later) and the millions of visitors to this area over the ensuing centuries since, to embrace a more practical, but no less emotional, view of our coast.

The color gold prevails here; in the hues of our beautiful beach sands, in the warmth of the summer’s sun, in the shades that paint the vast marsh grasses in winter and in the rich treasures that are experienced here, year round, by residents and visitors.  Kim Cross, a travel writer for Southern Living Magazine, may have said it best when she wrote, “I wondered why they called these the Golden Isles. Was it the color of the sand, the late-afternoon sun, or the shade of the marsh grass in autumn? Now I know it’s the way you feel when you’re there.”

Choose the story or the reason you wish.  We invite you to discover for yourself everything that makes these places so irresistibly wonderful and so indisputably golden.