East Beach


“East Beach” is the name given to St. Simons Island Beach, the stretch of beach along the Oceanside of St. Simons Island. This is a great location for a range of beach activities, from relaxed shelling to extreme kite boarding, and everything in between. Because of the tides, the sand along East Beach is hard packed and suitable for biking. East Beach is made of smaller sections named after each beach access point. On the northern tip of East Beach, located at the end of Bruce Drive, is Gould’s Inlet, which has very limited parking. Just south of Gould’s Inlet, is the most popular beach location on the island named U.S. Coast Guard Station, after the historic coast guard station that still stands at the entrance today as the present home to the World War II Home Front Museum. Located between the Coast Guard Station and the King and Prince Resort, you will find a more secluded beach access point at Massengale Park. Depending on the tide, you can even access the southern point of East Beach at Pier Village. This is a great location to bike and fish at low tide, providing easy access to the village shops and the Neptune Park Fun Zone.

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Wompzilla Skimboarding
May 21, 2023

The saga continues......St. Simons Island's legendary skimboarding event is back for round 2!...

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