Seafood Restaurants

The Golden Isles is known for its abundance of local seafood options. With a thriving shrimping industry, find the famous, sweet, Wild Georgian Shrimp on every corner. Real shrimp lovers can plan their trip around the annual Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits Festival. Or, visit in May to attend the Blessing of the Fleet in Brunswick and celebrate the local shrimp boat fleet. 

Although shrimp is both abundant and delicious across each of the islands, you’ll find unique spins and a variety of classic seafood dishes packed with passion throughout the Golden Isles. Get a taste of the ocean and enjoy local grouper, tripletail, and flounder that was likely caught earlier that morning, or indulge in fresh oysters raw or steamed on the half shell.  

Since these tasty and mild fish are plentiful in the cool Atlantic waters, you can even get the complete experience of catching your own. View our Guide to Coastal Georgian Cuisine for more ways to experience seafood in the Golden Isles.