Top Things to Do on Little St. Simons Island

Discover a place where you can truly unplug and get away to a serene environment: Little St. Simons Island. The Golden Isles' unique wildlife and nature shine on this privately-owned retreat home to diverse, untouched landscapes and conserved ecosystems. Only accessible by boat, Little St. Simons Island is the ideal getaway for visitors looking to escape the everyday. 

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Little St. Simons Island Fun Facts

  1. Little St. Simons Island is a privately owned, 11,000-acre preserve known for its serene privacy and undeveloped wilderness, which enthralls guests every day. 

  2. Little St. Simons Island employs a variety of professional naturalists to help guide your Little St. Simons adventure - and some even plan nighttime activities for guests so they're always around if you have a question about the island's nature and wildlife! 

  3. Visitors can take a truck tour or ride bikes to reach a beautiful, 7-mile-long beach - and it's completely undeveloped other than a simple boardwalk! 

  4. The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island directly supports the Center for Coastal Conservation’s efforts to preserve coastal ecosystems and guests can even see research and science in action. The Lodge  features 6 charming and historic cottages for overnight guests, and can only host 32 overnight guests. 

  5. Little St. Simons Island's professional chefs source only the most local ingredients - including right out of their on-site gardens!