Ghosts of the Golden Isles

The Golden Isles is known for its cool weather, sunshine, wonderful activities, and incredible festivals and events. But beware! There are ghosts and ghouls lurking around every corner. Here are some of our favorite ghost stories in the Golden Isles:

Mary The Wanderer

It is said that, long ago, a beautiful young woman named Mary was to be wed to her true love. Alas, the young man drowned when his boat capsized in a storm near shore. Forlorn, Mary took her own life.  Late at night, you may see her still, lantern held high, walking the beaches and forests of St. Simons Island in search of her lost love.

The Light in Christ Church Cemetery

Stand outside the walls of the cemetery at Christ Church on St. Simons Island at night, if you dare! Legend holds that a young woman with a fearful dread of the dark is buried there. After she died, her husband brought a lit candle each night to her grave. There are those who say a flickering light can still be seen long after her husband passed away.

The Ghosts of Ebo Landing

During St. Simons Island's plantation era, many slaves were brought ashore along Dunbar Creek. It was here that the leader of the Ebo (pronounced ee-bow), a proud and noble tribe from Nigeria, led his people into the waters of the creek rather than submit to slavery. Legend has it that during a full moon, passersby can hear the faint chanting of the slaves as they entered the water together. The general area of Ebo Landing, now on private property, can be seen from a distance when traveling east on Sea Island Road by looking north just before crossing the small bridge at Dunbar Creek.

Experience Our Ghost Stories

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