New faces have joined the St. Simons Island community - but not in the way you might think. Five new Tree Spirits have appeared in the trunks and branches of majestic live oaks, joining many other spirits scattered around the island. Look for these unique faces on a magical scavenger hunt across St. Simons Island. 

Find the new Tree Spirits at:

These celebrated additions join an artistic legacy and were carved by Devon Jennings, son of original Tree Spirit artist Keith Jennings. Each carving is unique and represents the inner soul of each tree, located in arborist-approved places on the trees. Legend whispers that the faces are those of the sailors who traveled on boats made from St. Simons Island oaks. 

Discover all the St. Simons Tree Spirits for an intrepid adventure. Stop by the Golden Isles Welcome Center for a free map (and the first tree!). Rent bikes and be on the lookout as you explore the rest of St. Simons Island. 

Read more about the history of the Tree Spirits and plan your trip with lodging, restaurants and even more things to do.