First African Baptist Church


Service Hours


  • Early Worship - 8:30 AM
  • Fellowship - 9:15 AM
  • Sunday School for All Ages - 9:30 AM
  • Worship Service - 10:30 AM



First African Baptist Church St. Simons Island, Georgia Founded 1859. As you drive down Frederica Road, you will pass the First African Baptist Church on the right. This beautiful two story, frame, front gable building with shingle siding, round arch windows, and an off center, pyramidal roof steeple was built in 1869 by former slaves of the St. Simons plantations. The congregation itself organized ten years earlier. Members of this African American church traveled from all around the island to attend worship services every Sunday. This could be quite a distance for members who resided on the south end of the island. In the late 1800s, First African began mission churches around St. Simons to better serve the needs of all its members. They don't give tours but First African Baptist Church still holds services every Sunday at 11am. Once a year during the service, someone reads the entire history of the Church. Including important events as additions to the building or the acquisition of electricity (1950s), the history this year was at least five pages long. Although older than many historic sites and certainly in better condition than most, First African Baptist Church is often overlooked by tourism books and brochures; however, it is a lovely part of St. Simons Island culture and history.