Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum



Epworth grounds will be closed to the public until January 3, 2022. 


Dedicated in 1966, the Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum has grown since the doors first opened. This modern building holds within it a wide array of treasures that range from the history of St. Simons Island to the Wesley family including the Wesley brothers landing here with General Oglethorpe in 1736. The museum also illustrates the start of the Methodist church and the changes it underwent to get where it is today.

The museum has a variety of interesting exhibits and collections that tell the story of St. Simons Island and John and Charles Wesley’s time in Georgia.  They are educational for all ages.  Recently, the museum opened its new exhibit, “Women in Methodism: A Legacy in Leadership.”  The museum also has a fascinating Antique Biblical Coin exhibit, featuring such coins like a 30 piece of silver, a Widow’s Mite, and a Pontius Pilot coin.  The crèche room displays nativities from all around the world, depicting how each culture understands the birth of Christ.  Admission is free. Guided tours scheduled by appointment for a nominal fee. 

Please call the museum to make reservations for a group orientation, lectures, or a guided museum tour. A nine-minute video presents the development of Methodism on St. Simons Island, history of the island and features modern attractions and amenities.  On Thursdays, the museum offers a lecture series by retired United Methodist Minister Rev. Dave Hanson. This hour long talk details the harrowing experiences of the Wesleys on St. Simons Island. Please call for details.

Monday - Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm free of charge. Closed Sundays and holidays

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