Golden Isles Mattress


We are a locally owned, small business.  What sets Golden Isles Mattress apart from the traditional retailer, is the model in which business is conducted.  This is (essentially) a one-person operation, open by appointment only, which creates an extremely low overhead.  No employees and minimal bills equals a shared savings!  As you are always dealing directly with the owner, rather than a commissioned salesperson, you will not find the usual pressure to purchase that you do in a traditional retail store.  However, you will find branded, durable, quality products at a fraction of the cost.​​

Set an appointment and you will be greeted with a smile by Lauren (and possibly her daughters Sofia & Scarlett), and she will show you the various mattress options and help guide you on finding the best mattress that is both suitable to your body and kind to your wallet.  You will not only be doing yourself a service, but you will also be supporting a local business, who dwells in and supports their community of Brunswick, Georgia.