One Hundred Miles


One Hundred Miles is a 501(c)3 coastal advocacy organization with a mission of protecting, preserving, and enhancing the 100-mile Georgia coast. Led by a dedicated staff of nine and a committed seven-member Board of Directors, One Hundred Miles focuses on core issues of water and wetlands, land use, changing climate, and wildlife. One Hundred Miles builds programs around the guiding principle that preserving the natural features of Georgia coast is critical for long-term quality of life and sustainable economic growth. With this in mind, we have established four primary goals to guide our organization’s work. We protect and preserve the integrity of fresh and saltwater ecosystems throughout coastal Georgia. We work with all who love our coast to conserve its treasured landscapes and implement balanced strategies for growth. We help coastal communities understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change, which include sea level rise and increased storm strength and surge. We connect the scientific community with decision makers to secure healthy populations of coastal Georgia’s signature wildlife species.