Temple Beth Tefilloh


Nestled among the great oaks in historic Brunswick, Georgia, Temple Beth Tefilloh has served as the center of the Jewish community in Brunswick and the Golden Isles for more than 127 years. Established in 1886, and designed by renowned Jewish architect Alfred S. Eichberg, Beth Tefilloh remains rich in its history, beauty and spirit. Jews have depended on synagogues for centuries as the place for spiritual nourishment and a sense of community. There we not only learn the rich traditions and language of our people, but how to fill our lives with meaning so that each and every one of us can impact our world for good. Each synagogue is unique, with its own distinct character and culture. But all synagogues have one fundamental thing in common: They are the Centers for Jewish Living in your community. A synagogue is a special place because it nurtures three things that Jews have sought for themselves and their families, three things that infuse life with a sense of meaning and fulfillment: Community, Learning and Spirituality.