The Farm at Oatland North


The Farm at Oatland North is an animal sanctuary located on the north end of St. Simons Island. In the 1700's the land was known as Oatland Plantation. Doug Taylor, Barbara Hasell Murrah's grandfather, purchased the property in the 1940's. Barbara and her husband, Bascom, returned to the Island over a dozen years ago and began the farm with her horse, Lightning. They were soon joined by their daughter, Natalie, who brought 2 cows with her, Amanda and Panda. The family farm continued to grow as the farm adopted retired, unwanted, abused, and abandoned animals. The Farm was primarily funded by the Murrah family and in 2012 it was incorporated and became a 501 c(3) not for profit charity. Sadly, Barbara lost her brief battle with cancer in July 2013. With the help of the Murrah family, dedicated volunteers, and friends, the Farm continues to provide sanctuary for animals.