Paddleboarding on the Georgia Coast

Golden Isles SUP Adventures

What is SUP?

SUP stands for stand up paddleboarding. An offshoot of surfing, stand up paddleboarding allows riders to stand on a board and propel themselves through the water with a paddle - instead of waiting to ride a wave. The sport has become extremely popular as a way to exercise, explore, or even fish! Paddleboarding requires more balance than watersports like kayaking, and typically outfitters don't recommend the sport for anyone under 9 years of age. For first-timers, opt for calm marshes or rivers instead of ocean waves, which can be more choppy and unforgiving.

Where to Paddle Board in the Golden Isles

Visitors can paddleboard in many places throughout the Golden Isles, including:

Gear and Rentals

Stand up paddleboarding does require some gear, from the actual board itself and the leash that connects a rider's ankle to the board, to the paddle and a life jacket for safety. Visitors to the Golden Isles don't need to worry about packing their own gear though, as local Golden Isles SUP outfitters like Southeast Adventure Outfitters and Golden Isles Paddle Company provide rental equipment and convenient drop-off and pick up services. These outfitters also offer lessons and guided tours. You can even purchase a used paddleboard from Southeast Adventure Outfitters. 

Dressing the part will also help you enjoy your paddleboarding adventure to the fullest. Don't forget to bring a rashguard or other sun-protective shirt, a hat to shield the sun, and water shoes or sandals for foot protection (not required to ride). In colder weather, it's recommended that riders wear clothing that insulates, including a wetsuit, wool hat, and paddling gloves. Be sure to check the weather and tide info before you depart on your adventure. 

Optional gear and personal items that may be helpful on your paddleboarding adventure include sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, sunglasses, snacks, a small first aid kit, and a towel. If you chose to bring a camera or cell phone, make sure to use a waterproof case or bag to store your items as you may be splashed by waves unexpectedly.