Sure, the Golden Isles is known for our sunny beaches, natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. So many things here reflect today’s modern conveniences, and from the outside, you’d think this is a fairly new destination, similar to some of our other coastal neighbors. But you might be surprised to know the area has roots even deeper than some of our oldest live oak trees.

The area’s history dates back even before Native American times, all the way back to the Ice Ages. The sands of time have certainly left their mark on the Golden Isles, and none more so than the mid-1900s during a tumultuous time around the world.

For more than 50 years, the Coastal Georgia Historical Society has had the pleasure of sharing the Golden Isles’ history with visitors and residents alike. Along with operating the beloved St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, the Society has recently opened a new museum on the island, the World War II Home Front Museum.

With dozens of immersive exhibits and displays, this new museum is an absolute can’t-miss when planning your next visit to the Golden Isles. The museum recounts the Golden Isles’ incredible efforts and contributions to the home front during World War II. It’s housed in the original Coast Guard Station, where servicemen lived, ate and worked while working with the U.S. Coast Guard. In fact, the first watch here took place in April 1937!

It’s very easy to see just how intentional the museum’s team was in creating interactive exhibits for all ages. Try your luck at plane spotting, test your skills at knot tying and do your part by selling war bonds. Here, you can discover the untold story of airships, listen to over 30 first-hand accounts of locals who played a role in this chapter of our history, and explore galleries with hundreds of local artifacts and photographs donated by residents and their families.

In all, we’d recommend setting aside about an hour and a half to fully experience the World War II Home Front Museum. It’s perfect for families of all ages and sizes, and the museum is fully accessible for all to visit. Insider tip: Plan to visit on a Tuesday between 10 a.m. and noon when local veterans volunteer as docents and bring history to

The World War II Home Front Museum is conveniently located at the ever-popular East Beach Coast Guard Station on St. Simons Island. Whether you’re in need of a break from the sunny beach or are looking to brush up on your local history, we can’t recommend a visit to the Home Front Museum enough.

For more information regarding hours of operation, group tickets, or to plan your visit, click here.