How to Maximize Your Trip as a Solo Traveler

There's nothing quite like stepping out of your hotel or vacation rental in the peaceful silence and taking a cleansing breath of fresh, coastal air, knowing the rest of your day is one hundred percent yours to dictate. However, if solo travel is new to you, it can be hard to know how or where to start finding the experiences that you will love. To get you started, here is one of our favorite ways to break into solo travel—we hope you love planning your Golden Isles escape!

Day 1-2: Escape to Little St. Simons Island

There's no way to feel closer to nature, peace, and solitude in the Golden Isles than truly immersing yourself in it. Only accessible by boat, Little St. Simons Island is the perfect place to do just that. Head out to the island on either a morning or afternoon boat, depending on your travel plans, and prepare to stay the night! With a cap of only 32 overnight guests, the island won't overwhelm with large groups. With opportunities to hop on a bike and follow trails to the 7-mile-long, secluded beach, lounge by the pool under gorgeous oak trees draped with Spanish moss, or retreat to your historic cottage or lodge accommodations to read a good book or listen to wildlife on your patio, your need for peaceful alone time will be fulfilled. However, the family-style group meals, small group hiking, driving, or kayaking naturalist tours, and community happy hours each evening allow you to comfortably meet some of the most interesting visitors to our destination.

Stay as long as you'd like at this all-inclusive paradise, but we do recommend staying overnight to experience all Little St. Simons has to offer, although day trips are available and usually include lunch and a naturalist tour. Catch the afternoon boat back to St. Simons Island on the day you plan to leave to continue your Golden Isles escape. Choose from accommodations throughout the Golden Isles—if you need some recommendations, check out our favorite rooms with a view or some of our top vacation rentals!


Day 3: A Historical Tour of the Golden Isles

After a cleansing and relaxing visit to Little St. Simons Island, an opportunity to learn something new is in order! With all of the history that passed through our streets, it's no surprise that our historical attractions can fill a whole day, or even a weekend! The good news is, as a solo traveler, you get to pick the experience you want rather than having to accommodate anyone else's preferences!


Day 4: Find an Adventure

Making a lasting memory on your solo trip is just as important as finding peace and relaxation and learning something new. Round out your solo trip with something exciting! Horseback ride on the beach; kayak or paddle board through the marshes and along sandy shores; go glamping on a secluded island; roll the dice out at sea. Check out some of our local activities that we think should be on everyone's bucket list to help you find the perfect adventure for your next solo trip!